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slept mitt romney was declared the winner in ohio. his margin of victory about 12,000 votes. romney won five other states including virginia. >> but it was no knockout by any means. rick santorum held his own. he won three states including tennessee. he vows he is staying in the race. >> newt gingrich fulfilled his promise to win his home state of georgia. ron paul failed to capture a single state. delia goncalves joins us to break it all down. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. even though it seems ron paul was the loser out of last night's candidates, he is still vowing to press on with the race. so that means we are likely to see a very full field of candidates vowing for the republican nomination. a total of 1144 delegates are needed to win the party at this summer's convention. so far mitt romney is leading the pack with 415 delegates. santorum has 176. gingrich has about 105 and ron paul trails with just 47 delegates. >> tonight we're doing some counting. we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we're counting down the days till november an
the question is will newt gingrich stay in and will mitt romney bounce back? >> reporter: rick santorum pulled off a southern sweep tuesday. >> we did it again. >> reporter: he told supporters in louisiana they'll keep his momentum going. >> next week we'll come back here and we expect a huge win. >> reporter: santorum won mississippi and alabama tuesday night with the help of very conservative voters and women. the former pennsylvania senator says the results will reshape the republican field. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: santorum and newt gingrich continue to split the conservative vote. despite losing, the former speaker says he has no plans to drop out and this race is far from over. >> one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> reporter: alabama and mississippi allocate their delegates proportionately so gingrich, santorum and mitt romney all added to their totals but romney still holds a significant lead. romney lost both states yesterday, partly because he wasn't able to rally the conservati
on the race for president. mitt romney is the winner in the republican primary in illinois. he won by a double digit margin. >> now two of the other g.o.p. candidates are focusing on our region or two of them rather. delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with the latest. who's coming here? >> reporter: mitt romney is coming to maryland a little later today. he will spend all day in that state talking to supporters. and last nitric santorum wasn't too far away. he was rallying his troops in gettysburg, pennsylvania. let's take a look at some of the numbers that we have in this race so far. romney you can see is leading the pack by a huge margin, 534 delegates to santorum's 218. gingrich and paul, they are vowing to stick with it, stay in the race, though you can see they are trailing 120 and 42 delegates respectively. again as a reminder 1,144 delegates in total are needed to clinch the republican nomination nomination. >> i see a time when we'll finally have a government that understands it's better for people to pay less in taxes than for a very few to pay a lot more. >> first i wan
the unemployment rate goes up or down. it's about freedom. >> mitt romney tried to capitalize on santorum's flub. he stressed the economy is his top priority. >> one of the people who's running also for the republican nomination today said that he doesn't care about the unemployment rate, that doesn't bother him. i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> reporter: the latest poll shows romney with a 14-point lead over santorum heading into today's illinois primary and romney is showing confidence in a win. >> together we're going to get this job done. i'm going to get the nomination. we're going to defeat barack obama and take back this great country. >> reporter: romney has an advantage even before the polls open. santorum didn't file the necessary paperwork in four districts making him ineligible for ten of illinois's 54 delegates at stake today. that could help romney extend his lead as he tries to clinch the nomination before the convention in august. sue sang mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> cbs news estimates rit mom any -- mitt romne
weekend for mitt romney and rick santorum. and for romney it was time well spent. the former massachusetts governor picked up 20 more delegates. romney will carry more momentum into this week's primary contest because of that and he celebrated another win last night after easily capturing all of puerto rico's 20 delegates. he spoke with supporters in illinois. in the polls he's locked in a tight battle with rick santorum. mitt romney's wife ann is calling on republicans to end this fight for the nomination. >> it's time for us to get behind one candidate and get the job done so we can move on to the next job which is bringing us one step closer to defeating barack obama. >> the republican national chairman said yesterday he believes the party will have a nominee within one or two months before the convention which is coming up in tampa in august. >>> there's more violence in syria. 13 people were shot to death by armed terrorist in northern syria. reports say women and children are among the dead. this after a series of bombings saturday in damascus that killed 27 people. syria's leaders s
to be a long one for a lot of the folks inside. 49 delegates are at stake here in virginia. romney is expected to take the race. that's because the former massachusetts governor and ron paul are the only two names on the ballot because they were the only candidates to get the 10,000 necessary signatures to get on the ballot here in virginia. but romney and santorum are really focusing their energies today on ohio and the 69 delegates up for grabs in that state. the front runners focusing on the economy and manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced. >> there's a lot of jobs that are actually very good high paying jobs that take skills that we are losing and we can get back. and those are the jobs we're going to attract. >> they also steal our designs and our patents and our brand names and our know-how. >> reporter: gingrich expects to come in third place in ohio so is now focusing in the south and his home state of georgia of course while ron paul continues to lure liberals and the young vote in the caucus state of idaho where he was just most recently. coming up in my next live report, we'
in michigan. >>> rick santorum says mitt romney's home state changed the rules. the former pennsylvania senator says he should have been awarded half of the state's 30 delegates but michigan republicans gave romney an extra delegate saying there was confusion over new rules and they were just making a correction. >> have to change the rules after the game so they can win. that's pathetic. >> right now santorum is leading romney in the polls in ohio. they'll both be campaigning in the buckeye state this weekend. meantime romney says he's the candidate who can win in november. >> if i become the nominee, i'm going to beat barack obama and take america back. >> romney is looking to extend his lead in the race for the g.o.p. nomination next week. ten states and more than 400 delegates are up for grabs on super tuesday. newt gingrich who was campaigning in georgia says he has to win his home state to be credible in the race. >>> the time right now 6:07. i'm watching your money. will this morning help launch the dow back up 13,000? you'll have to play wait and see. stocks started the new mont
with a more conservative base. >>> mitt romney's campaign is playing defense over a senior adviser's remark. he told cnn when romney gets into the general election in november he'll play toward the center saying, quote, it's almost like a etch a sketch why you can -- where you can shake it up and start all over again. that had romney explaining. >> the issues i'm running on will be exactly the same. i'm running as a conservative republican. i was a conservative republican governor. i'll be running as a conservative nominee -- excuse me, hopefully at that point nominee for president. >> governor romney did pick up the endorse month wednesday of former florida governor jeb bush. >>> we still haven't heard directly from the man in florida who shot and killed 17- year-old trayvon martin but we do know he has ties to northern virginia. delia goncalves joins us live from northwest washington with that part of the story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. george zimmerman's former neighbors in manassas say he was a polite, mild mannered child when they knew him. however, they
in on the campaign trail. super tuesday is tomorrow. which local lawmaker is giving mitt romney his support? we'll let you know. >>> monika has a quick check on traffic. >>> thank you so much. this is a live look from sky 9 on the northbound side of i-95 in the hov lanes. you see the flashing lights, the accident right before the occoquan river causing delays. i'll have more on this and other area roadways coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. >>> we are back at 6:29. this is the place you could always get your weather first. let's take a look at winchester, virginia. it is chilly. 27 degrees there. did you know that winchester is the hometown of legendary singer patsy cline. she passed away 49 years ago today but of course her amazing music lives on and you can visit her childhood home in winchester if you'd like. >> i had no idea. very cool. >>> thanks for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle. andrea is off today. >>> i'm mike hydeck with howard bernstein live on the weather terrace. we're expecting a flake or two. good morning. >> good morning.
coming for mitt romney: former president george herbert walker bush will formally endorse him. that's according to the romney campaign. now this is video of the former president from 2009. governor romney picked up the support of florida senator marco rubio. he's a popular lawmaker in that key swing state. >>> marylanders are expected to vote this november on a referendum whether to legalize same sex marriage. opponents are still gathering petitions. the latest poll shows state voters evenly divided. 43% would vote against legalizing it and 40% would vote in favor. the opinion works survey is broken down along party lines. 45% of democrats and independences say they'll vote in favor. while 38% would vote against. for republicans, 26% say they'll vote to legalize same sex marriage: while 60% plan to vote against it. >>> with so many negative stories in the news these days we're always happy to bring you a positive one. this one is about the amazing kindness of strangers and it's a story only hear on channel 9. a woman crashed her suv on interstate 66 near bull run yesterday and inst
to be a close one. newt gingrich leads the pack with 21% but mitt romney is right behind at 20%. voters in mississippi also go to the polls tomorrow. romney holds the lead there. santorum is using these contests to position himself as the alternative to romney, hoping to push gingrich right out of the race. >>> i understand there is a regional deal for congress warm gingrich. but he has won two states out of 25 races so far. it is just not going anywhere for him. >> over the weekend kansas went for santorum. there he picked up 33 more delegates. >>> it is a week before spring break and students at the university of maryland l talking about the arrest of one of their classmates. >> he is accused of making threats of violence. delia has more. >> reporter: andrea, students here on campus learned about the details at 11:30 last night. more than 13 hours after police moved in on campus and made the arrest. let's look at just exactly what led to the arrest. we are talking about the quotes that were online. quote i will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus, of course that is the student
is thanking the mitt romney campaign. it makes the etch a sketch and it's seen a spike in its sales since wednesday. shake it, start all over again. other gop candidates are using the toy as a prop to mock romney. ohio art is sending a case of the toys to the romney campaign headquarters. >>> and a big seller in the big applement tim tebow jerseys, he was traded to the jets wednesday and his number 15 jersey is on sale around new york and on tebow jerseys were the number two seller last year right behind aaron rodgers. >>> the time right now is 6:39. and nine minutes the mental and physical health benefits of chocolate. we're going to go live into the kitchen with uncle bob's fudge kitchen from annapolis. >> and howard says it's going to be a sunny day. that's food for your spirits, highs around 80. up next a look at a weekend cooldown. stay with 9news now. >>> welcome back to 9news now. at 6:43. friday morning, monika samtani is out today. i'm beverly farmer with your timesaver traffic. our breaking news story and traffic story this morning, had been the closure of connectic
, berve. mitt romney is expected to get the backing of congressman paul ryan from wisconsin. that state holds its primary on tuesday. >> another big endorsement for romney is one of the stories making news at 6:12. former president george h. w. bush backed romney yesterday along with first lady barbara bush. he calls on other republicans in the race to bow out. >>> president obama leaves washington this morning campaigning in new england holding events in vermont and maine today. he won both states back in 2008. >>> maryland's governor is throwing its support behind democrat rob gri -- garagiola. >>> now to a really interesting story about a spy in training on twitter. >> she says she was sent to a secret psychiatric prison and eventually fired all for what she posted on the social media site. >> gary nurenberg introduces us to a georgetown grad who says she just wanted to serve her country. >> reporter: she describes her experience using the words. >> unfavorable, unfair, discriminatory, harassment, psychological abuse, psychiatric abuse, torture. >> reporter: she says she was a dia an
. we'll have an update coming up on 9news now at noon. >>> mitt romney is the winner in the straw poll of republicans in the district. the g.o.p. held its poll last night at a fund raising dinner. romney got 72% of the vote. newt gingrich, rick santorum and ron paul were all around 8%. d.c. will hold its primary next week. >>> the wizards and pistons were tied with just seconds remaining last night and rodney stuckey hits a game winner with less than a second left. 79-77. >>> cbs this morning begins in just a few minutes. hear from the man behind the biggest movie in america right now "hunger games" director. >>> we have one more check of weather and traffic right here on 9news now. wow. this is new. yep, i'm sending the dancing chicken to every store in the franchise to get the word out. that could work. or you could use every door direct mail from the postal service. it'll help you and all your franchisees find the customers that matter most -- the ones in the neighborhood. you print it or we'll help you find a local partner. great. keep it moving, honey. honey? that's my wife. wow.
about santorum's latest attack on mitt romney. >> quit distorting our words. come on man, what are you doing? >> you'll hear that entire exchange and talk to the reporter who got santorum so up is he. >> we'll be watching that, thank you. of course you will be watching and giving us a preview of what happenslier on at the supreme court and. >> indeed. it is a fascinating three days. >> it sure will be. at 6:39 we go to a story happening today. the supreme court begins arguments over prem's healthcare reform law. is a huge case getting world wide attention. >>> delia gonzalez is live with more. >> reporter: good morning jess and andrea, we are live with 75 folks who have been in line here. in the rain they say they have been here waiting to get a seat inside. there are just a few selected public coo seats inside the courthouse. the court has give videoed the issues, today's question a pretty basic one. should the court take up the issue in the first place? that is because the law really done take effect until 2014. states, led by florida, are challenging the law and whether the mandate
gingrich and rick santorum and the new slipup painting romney as rich and out of touch. what to expect next. that's all next on cbs this morning. never a shortage of things to chat about when it comes to pal ticks. >> not at -- politics. >> not at all. thank you. >>> a loudoun county virginia community is coming together to remember a fallen marine. captain michael quinn served as a training pilot and died last month. his body was brought from national airport to purcelville yesterday. thousands of people lined the path and waited outside the funeral home. the family moved to loudoun county from the eastern shore about ten years ago. captain quin was a 2002 graduate of loudoun valley high school. >>> the owner of a d.c. liquor store accused of selling booze to minors heads to court today. we told you about him last month in our 9 wants you to know series on teen drinking. the owner of the town square market in northwest was arrested in february, weeks after we showed you video of teens buying alcohol at the store. some teens told our andrea mccarren it was easy to buy there without being 21
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